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Presidential Ponderings June 2018

06/07/2018 3:03 PM | Anonymous

“Someone recently asked me why I am involved with MIAPT. It was an interesting question because my automatic thought was “I just am, there is no other option.” As I contemplated that question, I realized there are many reasons. As a therapist, I want to offer my clients multiple ways to express themselves and work through the pain they are feeling. I remember attending my first Child Centered Play Therapy training with Gary Landreth where I felt a mix of wonder and confusion. His beliefs tugged at my insides, making me see an entirely new way of thinking that went beyond the use of interventions. It moved me toward believing that my clients have, within themselves, the power to heal and grow. As a therapist, I get to be a witness to, and a safe place for, clients to find what they have inside already. I have since learned to respect a variety of methods and theories. I love that within MIAPT there are so many people with different strengths, interests, and theoretical bases. I often feel curious and encouraged rather than judged when hearing other perspectives within this group.
We receive from MIAPT more than just playful interventions. We receive support, encouragement, and motivation to be more excited, fresh, and present with our clients. Through trainings, phone calls, trips to the Self-Esteem Shop, networking meetings… We are challenged to check our judgments and consider what we bring into the therapy room - it all helps us strive to be better therapists. I hope each person reading this can receive a piece of this gift of acceptance, growth, and encouragement that I believe MIAPT represents. We try to offer a few different settings to receive this support including both large and small conferences, networking groups, newsletters, and Facebook posts. If you’re looking for more, please come find us.
Thank you!
Abby DuPree LMSW, RPT

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